The Butterfly Effect in “A Sound of Thunder”

The story, “A Sound of Thunder” written by Rae Bradbury, is a short story, about a man named Eckels who wants to shoot a tyrannosaurus rex. This short story has many decisions that create butterfly effects, and displays well that one small thing can have drastically consequences. The first mistake Eckels made was even going into the time machine, or even going to the time safari Inc. Next Eckels was very scared and nervous when he saw the T-rex, this causes him to run off the path, which causes him stepping on the butterfly without noticing. When the whole group gets home Eckels and the group realize everything is different, the language they speak, and the presidential election results have changed. This all ends with Eckels being killed by Mr. Travis. this story is a great example and really shows how Eckels and the whole safari’s decisions impacted them and how they had such a domino effect, or butterfly effect.