mutation story

Canavan disease
I am Canavan disease, I was made by Mutations in the ASPA gene. The ASPA gene provides instructions for making an enzyme called aspartoacylase. The enzyme normally breaks down a compound called N-acetyl-L-aspartic acid which is found in neurons in the brain. The way my carrier got me is because I got inherited from my carriers parents I was pretty lucky because there is only a 25% chance I would get inherited. He started off as a normal kid his mom had my older brother in her but his dad was fine. His parents didn’t know I was inside him until he was 4 months old, that is when my side effects started to kick in! they didn’t really notice the first side effect which is intellectual disability because he was young, but they did start to notice the next one which was me changing his behavior, he wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t eat his food without force. That is when my carriers parents took me and him to the doctor, that is when they found out I was inside him. There is no cure and no treatment for me. 6 month go by and I start to slow down essential enzymes causing deterioration of the white matter in the brain, which is preventing the proper transmissions of nerve signals. This causes his head to grow abnormally and have almost no control over it. he is having feeding difficulties abnormal muscle tone. A couple of days goes by and he is in a wheel chair, he cant walk talk or even crawl. His parents want to send him to the hospital but they still have no cure or even treatment. 3 years later and everything keeps going down hill for my carrier from now on he has developed paralysis is blind and having seizures. 7 years later… his parents decided to take him to the hospital, I have been slowly killing him and he is living his last couple of days in a hospital bed. He has lasted much longer than others, most die at 10 but he is 11 now. He was actually very smart for someone with me inside of them he would have been a smart kid if his parents weren’t German which is the most likely race to be carrying me and also if one of his parents weren’t one of every 40 Germans to have my gene. Then with his last breaths he died, living a boring life with almost no adventure and no thoughts.

1.The questions I researched are, how the Canavan disease mutation is formed, if there is any cure, what effects the mutation has on the body, how the hosts life is affected, what the hosts look like with the mutation, the average life span, what age does the mutation start to kick in, how you get the disease, the chance you will get it, what race has the highest probability of getting the mutation.

2.The digital tools I used were google, YouTube, Socratic and about Canavan disease | Canavan foundation.
3.The process I used was to search things up as I go, so in my story if I needed to find out the average age someone with Canavan disease lives I would search it up then continue with the rest of the story

5.The process went not as planned but went alright, I started off slow and rough but once I got the base facts I had a good understanding of the project. I think I did a good job on the project, but I think I could have more back story and talked about the actual carrier more.



Get To Know Me

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is play basketball. I played on the Kway middle school team and I am going to try out for the riverside team. I like basketball because it is really fast paste, exiting and is lots of fun to play with your friends. One of my favorite parts of basketball is the shoes, they are like high tops but they have way more design to them. Also watching it is INSANE seeing the ridiculously tall guys dunk on a 10 foot hoop doing spins, slamming the ball down so hard the backboard glass breaks and weaving the ball through there legs and behind there back. On top I like to play pick up games with my friends from fox secondary, we usually play at my house when they come over.


Another thing that I love to do is to play videogames. I love playing videogames because it is very entertaining and fun. Also playing with my brother because I am interacting with him. My favorite game is call of duty black ops 3 because you can customize your own weapon camos, you can choose your weapons, also you can choose game modes like capture the flag where you have to capture the enemies flag and bring it back to your base. Other game modes are domination where there is 3 flags that you have to capture by standing on it for a certain amount of time and you get points every 2-3 seconds for the amount of flags you have another one is the basic team death match where there are teams of 6 and every kill counts as 1 point and first team to get 100 points or kills wins. Other games I like are overwatch, NHL, and battle field.


A sport I like is soccer, I played it when I was younger for about 4-5 years. I don’t play it competitively anymore but I still really like it. My favorite thing about soccer is playing it with m family like my cousins, my brothers and sisters and sometimes my parents. We would just play a mini game at gates park with the mini nets, it is SO fun because maybe your family is different but my family (not really me) is really competitive which actually makes it more fun. Soccer is cool to watch too, you can see the breath taking moves they can do with the ball. Then you try them and fall on your face. That is why I like soccer.


Something else you should know about me is that I really like my family. My parents help me with my homework, my brother plays videogames, basketball and just plays games with me. My sister, umm my sister I don’t really know what she does. But my family is really helpful and fun as you can see. I have a big family I have 2 brother and 2 sisters my older brother and sister don’t live with us but they visit frequently. I also have lots of cousins, on my moms side I have 2 boys and a girl and on my dads side I have 2 boys. We see My cousins on my moms side more. We usually play soccer at gates park with them and we have a big mini soccer game with them. My dad is away a lot on business trips but when he is here is spends lots of time with us. Something I really like about my family is that they are really active, I like this because they will play basketball with, and we go on lots of walks in downtown Vancouver and also places closer. My favorite member of my family is my brother because we have a lot in common like our music (rap) the sports we play, our personality and we are just really close.

Last but not least I really like hockey. I played hockey for the last 3 years I am not playing this year because I know in high school you have lots of homework so I decided not to play this year because of that. I really like hockey because I like to skate I don’t know what it is it is just so exhilarating gliding along the ice. Also I like it because of the way it is played, like how there are forwards, defence and just stick handling around the enemy team and shooting the puck into the net, it is just so fun. Other reasons I like it is because there are tones of awesome gear with dope designs and colours, and the different sticks with different colors designs the different flexes on the sticks which makes it easier or harder to shoot. The best thing is watching hockey, it is so fast paste and exiting you just cant help but watch it and buy tickets to games and just get so into the sport.



Edible DNA

in science class today we made a dna strand with marshmellows, tooth picks and liquorish. We did this to have a better understanding of a dna strand and also to have a better understanding of of the four molecules that make up a dna strand, deoxyribose, phosphate, adenine, and guanine.screenshot_20161208-114414screenshot_20161208-114436

Engineering brightness

We talked to multiple class rooms via skype one of the class rooms were from Dominican republic the people we talked to are teachers at a private school named Eladio and dennis. The others people we talked to are from New Brunswick he is also a teacher, we skyped with him and his science 11 class. What interested me was that high school is so much different than middle school in the way that in middle school we wouldn’t be skype chatting people half way around the world! Also I find the entire project interesting because it involves helping people in need of help, learning about electronics and electricity and having fun doing it. The experience so far is great my group has been working very well together and we aren’t even half way there, I am super exited to see what we can do as a group and a class.
Me and my group have lots of great ideas some ideas we have for this project are, having a hand cranked flash light, this is a good idea because you can potentially have unlimited light but the only thing is it might not be the most efficient idea and also it will break relatively easily. Also we had the idea that we could do a solar powered light with the solar panel hooked in to the top, but we couldn’t find a small enough solar panel to fit, it also wouldn’t be the most efficient and they would have to leave it outside. The one we are going to use I came up with and it is to have a piece of velcro on the bottom of the solar panel and then give them the other piece so that they can put it on there hat so that the solar panel can charge while they work. the people that can help us are Mr. Robinson for supplying the materials. 20161206_10592520161206_10594220161206_11001020161206_110037screenshot_20161206-103813screenshot_20161206-103756screenshot_20161206-103734class-with-drdelivery