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Friday October 7th, 2016

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, we worked on completing our “Short Story Summary” and our “Building Understanding” for “The Tell Tale Heart.  We then started to read “The Metaphor” which is our last story before our short story unit test.

*Reminder:  short story unit test next week.

-Sam the Athlete


Forgiveness in Families

Harrison Bergeron

The Tell Tale Heart

The Metaphor

(short story summary sheets, short story terms, application of the terms on the short stories.)   You can find terms quizzes…on kahoot or quizlet..

-Kahoot!  Let’s practice our short story terms!

-we will finish reading our short story “The Metaphor”

-We will finish our day by taking a look at our Inquiry question on the back board.  In groups of three (random), you will be taking a look at these questions, and  re-writing them so that they are even stronger.

http:/ https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/c80ff446-6dd3-4438-9da3-dc3ec13f2fd7

above is the link for Kahoot