Daily Archives: October 18, 2016

Tuesday October 18th, 2016


Yesterday we started our poetry unit by looking at different thoughts on what Poetry means and how to define poetry.

Today we are going to:

-Go over the poetry terms


-Class poem:  Each student must write a line of poetry that contains a poetic device.  We will then put the different lines of poetry together to make a poem…have some fun with it.

*You will add your line of poem to the following Office 365 link (have fun with where you place your line of poetry among your classmates poetic lines:


-Analyzing Poetry (also on sharepoint)


-You will then have time to work on your essays for “The Metaphor”.  At this point you should be working on your rough draft and it should be almost complete.  Remember the question:

Compare and/or contrast Ms. Hancock with Charlotte’s Mother and their influence on Charlotte.

Remember that to Compare is to show similarities and to contrast is to show differences.  You are also to use the point-by-point method (refer to power point from last week).