Week-end poetry

Friday after school a 14 year old boy hung out with two of his friends named Mark and Mitchell. All three of them were having fun, playing CsGo then one of them, Carson Grisley, asked them if they wanted to go to 7-11 even though it was snowing. At around noon Carson and two of his other friends(Jordan and Kiefer), went to extreme air park and was there for 1 hour and 30 minutes and got really sweaty and tired. But they kept on going because they got pizza and more 7-11, then went home and played video games. On Sunday he went with his family to a family friends house to watch the Super Bowl and ended up prank calling people the entire time.

Poem :

On a cold, snowy Friday
Three boys wanted to have a game day
But then felt the need
To get some slurpee’s

The next day, Saturday
Carson’s friend Kiefer invited him
To go jump at extreme air park

They had a lot of fun
But time ran out and they were done
Then went home and had some pizza
While watching a documentary about a zebra

Sunday arrived and the super bowl was ready
Even though he spent his time
Prank calling people and committing a crime

The weekend was over
And school was today
And hopefully it’ll be a good day