Proportional reasoning review: similar polygons

The questions that I didn’t understand were 3 a) and b) in the text on page 157.

At first I had no clue what to do but as time went on I learned how to do these questions

#1 you get two letters that are on the same ligne so in a) I would take AE that = 7.5

#2 then you go to the smaller one and do the same thing with the same side so JN that = 2.5

#3 After that you do 7.5 over 2.5 in a fraction and you divide them

#4 Then you do the same thing with another side so ED and NM

#5 12 over 4 and you divide them and there’s your answer, if the two numbers you got were the same then it’s equal but if not then there not equal.