Never Leave Something as Small as a Balloon Out Overnight!

“Woo-woo-woo,” I jumped out of my bed frightened and paranoid of what’s going to happen next, why is the alarm going off? I thought to myself, so I went to find my parents.
“What’s going on?” I asked quietly because I was frightened someone would hear.
“We don’t know sweetie,” my mom explained with a frightened voice. “Where are your sisters?” She asked.
I told her that my little sister, Kiara, was still sleeping but I didn’t know how she was because the alarm was as loud as the TV being blasted. I also said that my older sister, Tarissa, was running over here like Usain bolt, but all I could think about was why the alarm went off? I was frightened and I really wanted to wake up my little sister so she could come be safe with us in this room. But my mom explained that it would be better if she stayed asleep because if we woke her up she would probably get really scared and start crying. I agreed with my mom but I still wanted her to be safe from whoever or whatever is downstairs.
“I’m going downstairs,” my dad said.
“No dad, don’t go!” my sister and I cried.
“I have to go see what’s happening,” my dad explained. “Stay here with your mom, I’ll be right back.”
“Okay, get back really fast though,” I said.
All I knew was with that fire in my dad’s eyes and that heavy wooden bat, there would be nothing standing in his way of keeping us safe. I knew that he would return soon but I was still terrified of that he might get injured or killed, but then I heard a loud *bang*. I ran outside the door and looked downstairs and I saw my dad standing at the bottom with the bat dropped on the floor. I was glad that he was safe. He told us to come downstairs because it was safe, but I walked down slowly holding onto my mom’s hand and in the other was my stuffed elephant Rella. She was a gift from birth. With every step I took I heard a *kreek* coming from the stairs. Although I knew it was the stairs, I was still on edge of anything that could happen.
We got into the living room where it was very dim and all I could here was the heavy breathing coming from my family. I knew I had to be brave because fear is just a figment of my imagination and my thoughts can’t predict my actions. My mom checked the phone because when the alarm goes off for more than one minute, it usually says what happened. It said that a window in the dining room was broken but my dad went to double check all the windows in there and they were fine. We all looked around looking for something unusual but there was nothing until my mom found a popped balloon next to the heat vent. She asked who was supposed to clean up the popped balloons. I was supposed but I swear I did. We saw that everything was fine and but we were still wondering why the alarm went off, but we just believed that the balloon set it off. So we went upstairs to check out upstairs and everything was fine. Nobody was in here? My mom said that the alarm is pretty sensitive, that even a balloon could set it off so we just believed it was that. So I went and slept with my dad and my mom slept with my sister, just to be safe.
In the morning, everything was fine: nothing was missing, nothing was broken, so we just went with the balloon. This was a lesson learned. Never leave balloons un popped over night if you have an alarm. Or else you’ll be scared!

I did well on organization and conventions

I could improve on word choice and transitions.