The Blind Eye

This drawing represents the fact that people are all about technology and the reason why the top is coloured and the bottom isn’t is because technology is bland and don’t deserve colour and then books and people talking and really living life deserve colour.

Fahrenheit 451 Reflection


Leading up to the presentation I had to make connections from our part(pg. 59-65) to the world around us. With some reasearch and help from my team, I was able to make connections with a journalist from America, Iron man, myself, and a YouTube video about the heroic journey.

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I liked this role a lot because I had to think in a different way then I normally do. I also liked this role because I could explore all the different ways I could make connections. Doing this role, I could come up with ideas for connections by just doing everything I normally do so it made it a lot easier. I could research with an idea in mind of what I am looking for because of the different connections I thought of.


Blog Log 2 – Laziness Is Unreal

See article here

I got interested in this article because of the stories we have been reading, and all about first world problems in them. Especially The Soft Rains caught my attention because it is about how we want our house to do everything for us, which is nice, but we can’t become lazy. For example, this product of a pump that squeezes out the peanut butter just so you don’t have to spread it yourself. I particularly liked the way that Rusty wrote this, it was humorous because he is obviously being over exaggerate because he is also being sarcastic and it is funny when those two combine. He really demonstrates how lazy some people are but yet, people still buy it so it is obviously working well.