How Does One Help a Child Cope in Times of Hardship?

In the poem, “What Do you Remember of the Evacuation,” by Joy Kogawa, a little six year old girl was told that she was going on a vacation but the truth was her and and her family needed to evacuate. Because the Canadiens wanted to get rid of the Asians because they kind of felt the same way that the Nazis did about the Jews, communists, etc. But she soon found out that this was true and she felt different about this ‘vacation.’ She is six years old in this poem and her parents would say anything to keep her happy and out of trouble.

One way one can help a child is by giving them comfort in times of hardship, “I remember my mother wrapping a blanket around me.”(line 5, 6) By giving a child something for comfort is one of the best ways to calm one down or to help cope in times of hardship. I feel this is a great way because it would give them something to hold on to. I also feel that if a little girl has something to comfort her it would help her more than if you just give her a little stuffed animal.

Another way to is by giving them things to distract them from what’s really going on, “I remember Miss Foster and Miss Tucker… Who gave me a puzzle on the train.”(line 20, 24) By giving them something to distract them is the best way to help a child cope in times of hardship. Because if their minds aren’t thinking about what’s really going on, they would be having a good time. If they’re having a good time then that’s the greatest thing for a child because they’re happy and all children need is happiness. One can help a child cope in times hardship by giving them something(a puzzle) to take their mind off what’s really going on.

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