Science collaboration


I believe our group worked pretty well but there were some difficulties going through the process but it still went pretty good even with the difficulties. There isn’t really anything else to say!

Mutation story


As my day goes on as a gene I was making little girls and boys age quicker than normal so I’m not a very nice gene but I’m very rare. So only about 1 in 20 million people have me and the people I’m in live until mid teens to early twentys. Also they can’t not reproduce and makes them bald. The reason why I’m here is because of something called progerin which makes the nucleus unstable. And that makes the person age not normally. I make the body not grow, also make the hair and body fat disappear, aged looking skin and stiffness of joints. But the worst thing I do is make them suffer from osteoporosis, which means they have strokes and maybe cardiovascular disease. It makes the host die very early and they can’t have a good life well they can but not as good as others. In this story I informed you about progeria, what happens if you have progeria, what causes progeria, what are the effects of progeria, and how it affects the hosts life.image



What is progeria?                                                                                    What percentage do you have of getting progeria?                                  What causes progeria?                                                                           What are the effects of progeria?


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Chemical research

Ammonium Oxalate!!!!

1.what:It is an oxalate salt with ammonium

2.why:to make explosives and metal polishing compounds

4.when:19/04/1975 much:500g=$84/2.5kg=$226/100g=$35

6.who:Robert Kenneth Jordan