Week 17 in math 10

This week we learned about systems of linear relations.

We learned how to solve them using various ways: graphing, substitution, and elimination.

The easiest one to use coming from me is substitution because all you have to do is change one into y/x slope-point form then you have what you need.



Week 15 in math 10

This week we learned about slope-point form.

We learned we could create it with just one coordinate and the slope.

It’s also a really easy way to graph with.


Then you can change it into general form.

Then into slope-y intercept form.

Week 14 in math 10

This week in math we started a new chapter about slope.

Slope=Rise over Run.

You have a line on a grid and you find 2 nice points on the grid. You then see how high it goes up then how far it goes right or left. (Right means positive and left means negative)

Week 13 in math 10

This week we learned about function notation.

We learned how G(x)=y and how G(2)=x.

X is our domain and Y is our range.

Example#1: So G(5)=x so you would replace all the x’s with 5’s then do the equation.

Example#2: G(x)=43 and G(x)=y so you’re replacing G(x) with 43 then you do the equation.

Week 11 in math 10

This week we learned more about factoring polynomials, mostly ungly trinomials. I really like using models when I do this because it just makes the question way easier. But when I find ones that look easy I am able to just do it in my head.

Example of easy:

Example of hard:

Week 10 in math 10

This week we learned about factoring polynomials, while some of them look easy, some of them can be very difficult. There are some with singular variables then some with multiple variables. The bigger the numbers, the harder the question is.



Week 9 in math 10

This week we dove into polynomials and last year I struggled with polynomials. I don’t know why but I just kept on getting the wrong answer. But this year I know how to do it. I also acquired new tricks on multiplication and on multiplying two binomials.




Week 8 of math 10

In math this week we started polynomials, at first I completely forgot how to solve them. But after we learned about it a little bit, I remembered it and now it’s a lot easier. To break it down all you have to do is combine like terms.



Week 7 in math 10

This week in math we learned about trigonometry. When I saw the name for this unit I was terrified until we learned our first lesson. It is really easy to learn, you just need to know how to label and SOH CAH TOA. Trigonometry looks hard at first but after you learn it, it’s pretty simple. Here are some examples of questions that look hard but they are really simple.

Example #1

Example #2

Examle #3