Workplace safety

To keep myself safe at work I will…

– ask questions about something if I don’t know how to do something.

– wear proper footwear to keep myself from slipping

– ask for a shift off if I’m sick or if I’m stressed about something

To keep others safe at work I will…

– ask them if they need help with lifting or getting something if they look like they are struggling

– teach them something if they look confused when they get ordered to do something.

The story that resonates most with me is Matthew’s story because this could happen to me if I’m not careful. Because of the fact that I work at a fast food joint, and their is a deep fryer that could easily burn you. Matthew showed me that if I need help or if my boss asks me to do something risky than I’d need to tell him that it is to dangerous for me. This taught me that I need to be safe with hot things even outside of work. Even recently I was carrying some heavy materials back to the back of the store when I slipped. If it had something hot or the heavy stuff fell on me I could’ve easily been injured.