The Friday that everything changed

The Friday everything changed


1. Because the boys believe that girls aren’t strong enough and that boys are better and they should have more privileges. The privileges are able to get out of class and go to a shop.
2. The boys stopped letting the girls play softball, they started hitting them and kicking them, they also trapped them in the outhouse. The girls reacted by sticking together like when one of them got hurt the other girls would help them.

Elements of fiction

3. The narrator is telling the story, she thinks that ms. Ralston is pretty and a fair person that will say whats on her mind without a doubt that she will make the wrong decision. They think ms ralston doesn’t know what is going on. This story is being told in a limited omniscient point of view.
4. It’s in a rural one roomed school house that is in Ontario and outside on a softball diamond. Some statements say that theres planes that might use bombs, so it’s probably in the late 1940s so just after WW2. The setting intensifies the conflict because they don’t have running water which makes the boys get the water and Alma Neils asking the question “why can’t the girls get the water” . Person vs person is between the boys and the girls/Alma because the Alma asks a question that changes everything. Person vs society because the society is what regularly happens is changed by Alma.
5. Alma because all she wants to do is do what every boy does but can’t because “the boys run the school” but the boys are not liking that idea so they bully her and the other girls which makes them a antagonist.
6. The girls had more privileges which are carrying the water bucket and probably being able to play softball. The significance is that ms Ralston is done with every bad thing that is happening.

Sonnet 1000

Sonnet 1000

I’m not the greatest at school but it’s good
I know I could do better if I try more
I used to try harder in my childhood
I always try to look for a back door

The thing is I do not want to be here
I’d rather be at home watching TV
Eating chips and drinking a cold root beer
I’d definitely not be playing the dang wii

But I have to get good grades for my life
Because I want to become a doctor
Also try to get a very nice wife
I probably will try not to stalk her

School is a great place to try and learn things
I want to get older and spread my wings

Week-end poetry

Friday after school a 14 year old boy hung out with two of his friends named Mark and Mitchell. All three of them were having fun, playing CsGo then one of them, Carson Grisley, asked them if they wanted to go to 7-11 even though it was snowing. At around noon Carson and two of his other friends(Jordan and Kiefer), went to extreme air park and was there for 1 hour and 30 minutes and got really sweaty and tired. But they kept on going because they got pizza and more 7-11, then went home and played video games. On Sunday he went with his family to a family friends house to watch the Super Bowl and ended up prank calling people the entire time.

Poem :

On a cold, snowy Friday
Three boys wanted to have a game day
But then felt the need
To get some slurpee’s

The next day, Saturday
Carson’s friend Kiefer invited him
To go jump at extreme air park

They had a lot of fun
But time ran out and they were done
Then went home and had some pizza
While watching a documentary about a zebra

Sunday arrived and the super bowl was ready
Even though he spent his time
Prank calling people and committing a crime

The weekend was over
And school was today
And hopefully it’ll be a good day

Mr Warner Get To Know You

Get To Know Me

The confidence in my body when I walk onto the pitch is outstanding and the nice new smell everyday of the turf makes me want to come back everyday. Soccer has been one of the biggest thing in my life ever since I was four when I started playing the game. The reason why soccer is my favourite sport is because the feeling you get when you make that perfect pass through the terrible defenders or scoring that goal from really far out is absolutely amazing. Whenever I watch soccer or football as the Europeans say I don’t just watch randomly I watch the player that plays in the striker position because that’s the position I play. I also watch that one guy because I want to learn more about how to play that position because I really like it. Overall soccer is one of the greatest sports ever made and I’m very glad they made the sport.

The feeling when I grab my controller and I know that this is my day for playing video games but then i do bad and get mad. But when it is my day I usually have a nice smell sitting right beside me just waiting to be sipped but i can’t because it might mess up my flow so I’d have to wait until after the game to take a relaxing sip. But then i feel the need to play some zombies so I load it up and play on a map called Der eisendrache. This map is a huge castle based in the 1945’s so just after WW2 ended but they had a mission the kill the 1.0 self of a character named Dempsey and the one trying to kill him is his 2.0 self. But the reason why i love this map is because you can make four different types of bows, an electric bow, a wolf bow, a fire bow, and a void bow and these are over powered because its a one hit kill up to round 100. Although I’ve never made it to that high of a round its still cool to make.

One day when i went to my Mom’s house she said to not to go into the bathroom because there will be a surprise and she said that if we scream we won’t get a turn. So me and my sister were thinking it was a hover board and to not scream because she doesn’t like screaming. Then when she came back out with the thing it wasn’t a hover board, it was a little kitten and i was so happy because I’ve always wanted a pet. But like 4 hours later I was petting him and he batted at my head so i was genuinely scared of him and wanted him gone. But as the months went by i found upon a new relationship with him and now i love Simon more than ever. Even though i was scared of him at the beginning.