Blog Log 1 – Why so Inconsiderate

See article here

I liked and disliked this article because I liked how they are dealing with the issue but there is no excuse to why they did that. It’s really cool to see how a lot of people are getting involved in getting the whales out of captivity and into a proper home; therefore, it shows how good some people are. I found this article interesting because wild animals, in my opinion, deserve the same rights as domestic animals because they also just want to live a happy life.

I thought that the writer did a very good job at telling the story in a quick yet informational manner; in addition, she really did her research about the dilemma by explaining about how celebrities are getting involved. When I saw the title of the article, all I could think about was Free Willy, the movie, because in both stories, whales are kept in captivity and need to be released.