The Friday that everything changed

The Friday everything changed


1. Because the boys believe that girls aren’t strong enough and that boys are better and they should have more privileges. The privileges are able to get out of class and go to a shop.
2. The boys stopped letting the girls play softball, they started hitting them and kicking them, they also trapped them in the outhouse. The girls reacted by sticking together like when one of them got hurt the other girls would help them.

Elements of fiction

3. The narrator is telling the story, she thinks that ms. Ralston is pretty and a fair person that will say whats on her mind without a doubt that she will make the wrong decision. They think ms ralston doesn’t know what is going on. This story is being told in a limited omniscient point of view.
4. It’s in a rural one roomed school house that is in Ontario and outside on a softball diamond. Some statements say that theres planes that might use bombs, so it’s probably in the late 1940s so just after WW2. The setting intensifies the conflict because they don’t have running water which makes the boys get the water and Alma Neils asking the question “why can’t the girls get the water” . Person vs person is between the boys and the girls/Alma because the Alma asks a question that changes everything. Person vs society because the society is what regularly happens is changed by Alma.
5. Alma because all she wants to do is do what every boy does but can’t because “the boys run the school” but the boys are not liking that idea so they bully her and the other girls which makes them a antagonist.
6. The girls had more privileges which are carrying the water bucket and probably being able to play softball. The significance is that ms Ralston is done with every bad thing that is happening.