Tuesday May 5th, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Here are some of the documents that you will need in order to start working on our Literature Circle Readings and Discussions.

*Please aim to have your novels completed by approximately June 10th….so when you are creating your reading schedule with your group, please keep this tentative date in mind…the first document is a reading schedule.

*The remaining documents are your ‘roles’.  These roles must be rotated so that each week each member has a different role.  Depending on group size, not every role will be covered, so choose roles that will evoke discussions among your members.

For the rest of this week…your tasks:

  1.  Create a reading schedule with your group.  This means you will have to connect with your group members to arrange a time to either discuss or arrange your schedule. There is a ‘word’ document below that I will update as more students give their novel choice.  This word doc has the novel titles and what novel each student has chosen.  They are your group members if they are reading the same novel as you.
  2. Read the first section of your novel that will be necessary for your first literature circle discussion.
  3. Determine what your role will be for next week’s first Discussion which will be on Thursday May 14th.  This is a discussion that has to take place with your group.  Please be mindful that not everyone has given me their choice of novel yet so more people may be added to your group…the word documents are ‘live’ so as I add student names when they give me their choices, all of you should be able to see these additions….
  4. Each week you need to rotate roles and each do a different one…

You can start to work on your role sheet for next week (make sure you discuss with your group members first) –or you can wait to work on this till next week…as long as it is done before your discussion.  In addition, if you cannot write or type on the document –you can write your role response on a separate document (office 365 word for example). In the past, I have also had some groups create a shared document where each role each member put their role onto the group document.

Literary and Composition 10 Student Novel Choices

If I forgot anything, please let me know!


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