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Friday May 24th, 2024

Good Morning!

*Spirit Assembly Day

  1.  put masking tape on 20 of my desks and write “Nelson 113”.  20 Students will each carry one desk and line them up along the wall near the PE office.  Please try not to disturb PE classes if they are in session
  2. Chairs:  we will need to create 4 rows of chairs with tennis balls on them.  Tennis balls are in storage area, chairs in cafeteria.  If PE classes in session, line chairs up in the hall until we have access.
  3. Ensure all supplies necessary are ready to go.  The list of supplies is on TEAMS.  It is also here for your info:

20 Chairs


Electrical cords

15 desks

5 footballs

10 hula hoops

5 hockey sticks



Tug of war rope

2 cones for tug of war


Tennis balls for chairs

Eating contest:

6 tables

6 chairs

6 bowls of nuggets

6 glasses of water????


4)  Nuggets:  Eldrick and Raj…everything is in Home Ec. Room….Ms. Keating got it organized for you..

5)  PA System:  is not working. Admin will go to areas to tell classes when to go to the gym

6)  Eating contest:  contestants –we do NOT have a grade 10 but we do have two grade 9s.  We can get one grade 9 to represent the 10s….

do you need their names to call down?