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Friday October 14th, 2016

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, you wrote a short story test.  Today we will work on “No Red Ink” and continue with our synthesis essay.

-“No Red Ink”:  Please open and work on ‘Embedding Quotations’

-Essay Outline:  Please open the essay outline from Wednesday’s class as well as your Venn Diagram.  You will have time to work on your essay outline

Wednesday October 12th

Hello! ”

Yesterday we looked at reworking our inquiry questions.  We then moved into working on a venn diagram for “The Metaphor” looking at the question: Compare and/or contrast Charlotte’s mother and Ms. Hancock and how they influence Charlotte.  You were also to complete a short story summary for “The Metaphor”.

*Reminder:  short story test Thursday October 13th, 2016

-go over “short story summary” for “The Metaphor”.

-Kahoot: short story terms to prep for test

-share ideas generated from our Venn Diagram




Tuesday October 11th, 2016

Happy Tuesday,

I hope you all had a great long weekend.  On Friday, we did a kahoot on our short story terms, and finished reading the short story “The Metaphor”

*Reminder: Short Story Test….Thursday October 13th.

-Block C:  we still have to go over our short story summary for “The Tell Tale Heart”.

On Friday, we were going to go back to our Inquiry questions on the back wall but we ran out of time.  We are going to be divided up into groups of three (random).  You will get one of the 11*14 sheets of questions from the back bulletin board.  Your group will work on reworking these questions into stronger inquiry questions.  *we will review power point on inquiry questions.


*Each question will be written on a on separate sheet of 8*11 sheet of paper…

For homework: Complete a short story summary for “The Metaphor”.

-If time, a venn diagram of Ms. Hancock and Charlotte’s mother and their influence on Charlotte.


Friday October 7th, 2016

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, we worked on completing our “Short Story Summary” and our “Building Understanding” for “The Tell Tale Heart.  We then started to read “The Metaphor” which is our last story before our short story unit test.

*Reminder:  short story unit test next week.

-Sam the Athlete


Forgiveness in Families

Harrison Bergeron

The Tell Tale Heart

The Metaphor

(short story summary sheets, short story terms, application of the terms on the short stories.)   You can find terms quizzes…on kahoot or quizlet..

-Kahoot!  Let’s practice our short story terms!

-we will finish reading our short story “The Metaphor”

-We will finish our day by taking a look at our Inquiry question on the back board.  In groups of three (random), you will be taking a look at these questions, and  re-writing them so that they are even stronger.


above is the link for Kahoot

Thursday October 6th, 2016


Yesterday, we worked on “no red ink” going over active and passive voice practice.  We then went over “The Tell Tale Heart” activity pack…and then for homework you were to complete a “short story summary” for “The Tell Tale Heart.

*Reminder that there will be a short story unit test next week.

-We will go over the “short story summary” for “The Tell Tale Heart”.

We will be reading a new short story today called “The Metaphor”

*For homework, you will need to do a “Building Understanding” for “The Tell TaleHeart”.



Wednesday October 5th, 2016

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday we read the short story “The Tell Tale Heart” and then worked on “The Tell Tale Heart Activity Pack”.

*Reminder:  Short Story Unit Test next week

-No Red Ink:  please log in to “No Red Ink”.  we will work on “Active and Passive Voice Practice

-Today, we will go over the questions from “The Tell Tale Heart Activity Pack” as a class

-“The Simpsons”:  The Tell Tale Heart (Block C)

-Short Story Summary for “The Tell Tale Heart”

-Building Understanding for “The Tell Tale Heart”

Tuesday October 3rd 2016


Yesterday we did a reading comprehension quiz on the short story called “The Possibility of Evil”.  You were then to complete a ‘short story summary’ for the short story “Forgiveness in Families”.

-Head’s up…we are nearing the end of our short story unit.  This means that we will have a test on Short stories early next week.

-I’m hoping to give back your quiz for you to go over

-Go over the short story summary for “Forgiveness in Families”

-Today we will read the short story “The Tell Tale Heart” aloud as a class.

*first open up the following link…there is a pre-reading exercise that we will start with…


-“The Simpsons” and Tell Tale heart

-Complete the activity pack…

-Short Story Summary