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BC historical trip (Part 3)

BC historical trip (Economics)

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BC historical Trip (part 2)



BC Historical trip copy

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BC historical trip (Part 1)


Oregon Territory: Site: Vancouver

Sites connection: The Hudson Bay Company established posts like Fort Vancouver in the Oregon territory in the 1830’s

History: There was a boundary disputes between the U.S. & Britain to who would get Buget sound & the remainder of Washington. Whilst HBC had trading posts such as Fort Vancouver wich was also the departments HQ. When the HQ was moved to Fort Victoria this started to shift the balance of power for the boundary dispute. Eventually, American presence was substantial, and they began to push for claim on  the entire Oregon territory. By 1846, a treaty was signed and the land was given to the US.


Colony of Vancouver Island:

Site: Nanimo

Site Connection: When the economy of Vancover island was booming during the 1850’s. Nanaimo was made into a permanent settlement, originally named Colville

History: The British realized that an official British presence was need. To do this, they created the colony of Vancouver Island. Richard Blandshard would be the first governor of the colony, but would quickly resign, with James Douglas stepping in. Land was offered cheap, and the economy boomed, and a naval base was built.


Colony of BC:

Site: New Westmister

Sites Connection: Richard Moody picked the site New wesminster is on and the town would become the capital for a shattime. When the two colonies merged, it would be the capital for a short time until Victoria became the new capital

History: In 1857 gold was a discovered in BC, causing a gold rush, with thousands coming to BC. Because of the large influx of immigrants, Britian Columbia. The Royal Engineers were sent to help build the colony and provide a military presence. Douglas was appointed as governor for the new colony.



Site: Musgrave Landing

Sites connection: Named after Anthony Mosgrave, who heavily supported confederation and was a big contributor to BC joining confederation and was a big contributer to BC joining confederation.

History: BC joining condfederation was a source of heavy supported confederation and was a big who heavy debate. Even after Cancouver Island & BC merged, there was still problems with money people, and markets. Although joining confederation might solve these problems, not everyone was for it. Some were for joining the US. Once Anthoy Musgrave was appointed governor he managed to get people on board by having them make a wish list. When all these items were agreed to, BC joined Canada



Site: Gas town

Sites Connection: Two mills were on sides of the inlet. Both mills for bid alchohal. A man name John Deighton (or “Gassy Jack”) came and built a saloon nearby, it became a popular meeting grounds. So popular, other stores were built around it, and became the village of Granville, better known as gas town.

History: burr ad Inlet stayed the same for years, up until 1881. THe CPR was being built and it was decided that Port Moody would be the CPR Terminus. However, an official found the location (the eastern end of the inlet), unsuitable. When the official visited Grancill he made it so the terminus would be built there. Since the terminus would be built in Grancille, the name was changed to “Vancouver” as it thought to suit it more. Vancouver quickly grew in size and population, and is now what we have today

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History of roads


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Political Cartoon

Political Cartoon copy

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NWR Questions.

1. Aboriginals: Bison are dissipearing which leads them to starvation. Their lands were signed away from tretis and they now see towns, farm fences and railways on the once wild and glories paradise. Cree chief Big Bear, and Crowfoot, leading chief of the Blackfoot, founded an Aboriginal confederacy to try to solve their people’s grievances.

Metis: They still feel vulnerable after their Red River uprising in Manitoba a decade earlier. Their old life of fur trading and Carriers of HBC is now dissipearing along with the bison.

Canada:Poor harvests, done dealing with the aboriginals. Put more money into the CPR.

2.Metis took over Batoche and Fort Carlton They take the position at Duck lake. Lid Croder rides out to fight them. CRebellion has started and motivates aboriginals to fight

3.Send in Middleton and 5000 militia

4Goverment cut off rations to Cree.  Big Bear’s people capture residents (Metis and non-Metis). Killed the Indain Agent, tow priests farming Instructor, trader, miler and 3 others

5.Middleton’s men neet at fish Creek. DuPont sets up and ambush at fish Creek. Middleton has trouble getting hit men across the river, takes more casualties than Metis. Both sides pull back

6.Aboriginals snake camp outside Battleford. Otter sent to defend. Aboriginals had land adavantage and drove them back in 6 hours. Pound maker tells his people not to pursue

7.Very-Brought the filters to fight the Aboriginals and Metis to prove the usefulness of the CPR

8.Middleton tries to Bonnard Batoche From the river, falls as Metis Tower ferry cable to stop the boat. Middleton builds fortifications. No change for 3 days. 2 Units act independently and attack Metis who are now running out of supplies. Metis surrender in 6 days *Riel surrenders)

9. Metis ran out of ammunition, aboriginals and Metis were not organized together

10 Political and religious delusions Mae him unaware of what he was doing- pleading insanity

11. Damon’s escapes to Montana, Big Bear and Poundmaker both sentenced to 3 years for treason and die über toy after.

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Guilding questions (May 24)


1. He develop it because needed a political platform to convince all Canadiadians that a transcontinental railway was important to survival. Also he thought it was a formula for successful nation building, which it remained a central part of Canadian government policy.

2. Tariffs: a tax or duty to be paid  on a particular class of imports and exports

CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway): to transport goods through a railway.


3. The CPR Syndicate (George Stephen [Bank President], Donald Smith [Hudson Bay Company, James J. Hill. Coal Trading)


4.They need to complet the railway in 10 years.


5.They change the way of the Railway because of land speculators.

6. The other people were taking too long so he is supposed to speed it up



9. They ran out of money. They asked Canada 22 million dollars for the railway.

10. Kicking Horse pass

11. The USA had a railway that goes through USA. Canadians used the railway to get to the coast faster than the interior.

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Comic strip

imagezac is my partner. On his blog

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May 11 (questions)

The treatment from Canada wan’t really great. The bison population has rapidly decreased, which is the Metis main food source. It can be shown through scrips. These “scrips” were for the Metis, kinda like a ticket to recieved land. However, the Metis weren’t educated like the Canadians, so some lawyers used the scrips for himself and steel the land from the Metis. If the Metis go the court, then the Canadians will win because they are using Canadian laws (Metis laws don’t work)

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