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I learned more about angles and how you can find certain angles through sin law or co sin law, and how soh-cah-toa only works on right angle triangle. I also learned more about the angle of depression and elevation.



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quadratic equations Part 1

1. Its a function that can be shown and describe through an equation of : f(x)=ax(squared)+bx+c





It looks like the two lines are parallel. When vertext is a minimal point,  the U slowly opens up. When Vertext is maximum, the u closes up

3a) its a maximum point, an upside down “U”

3b)Its a minimal point, higher the positive number, the less of the width in the “U” shape.

3c) Minimal point, the smaller the number in “a” the bigger the “U” gets

4. When “a” is positive, the vertex is the minimal point. When its negative, it turns into the maximum point.

5. The Minimal point changes when “b” # changes.

6.How high in the graph does the “U” go, the second point in the “u” shape is the Y intercept.


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