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Ping pong project part 2

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Solar project thing-e

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Big bang theory


Big bang is a prevailing cosmological model for the early development of the universe. The idea of the big bang theory is that the universe is expanding. this model that you see now suggests that at some time all of space will be contained in a single point, which then is considered the beginning of the universe. The measurements in this time is a place this moment at approximately 13.8 billion years ago, which then is considered the age of the universe. this is where I got my information from.

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Modeling Meiosis

imageMeiosis2    IMG_4294 Prophase1

1. Is meiosis I or meiosis II more similar to mitosis? Explain. Meiosis 1 is more similar to mitosis because it starts off with one cell and ends in 2 like mitosis. /a>ccx Meiosis 2


2. List three similarities between mitosis and starts off with one cell, in Meiosis 1 ends with two cells and it goes thourgh the same stages (kind of) of mitosisjh.
3. List three differences between mitosis and meiosis. Meiosis 2 ends with 4 cells, In Meiosis 2 it start with 2 cells and Meiosis 2 it has more chromosomes4.
4. Explain which method contributes to genetic variation and why. It starts off with Metaphase 1 the homologous chromosomes pair up a the middle of the cell, then it goes thourgh anaphase1 homologous chromosome separate and goes to the end poles and then Telophase1 one chromosomes form each homologous pair is at each pole of the cll ( also interkinesis is the stage between cell divisions which makes a two cells only though no DNA was repicated) [that is half of it but the rest won’t fit so sorry].

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