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sample responses (Speak)

1. Do you agree with Melinda’s perception of high school?

I do not agree with her perception of high school. High school can be fun if you let the fun come to you but Melinda doesn’t let fun come to her, In fact she isolates her self and detaches her self from the world. In page 25, Melinda finds an old janitor’s closet. She hides there for the whole lunch block. If not, then she is in the girls bathroom looking out the door seeing if Mr. Neck is around. She I can’t blame her that she hates high school, everyone treats her like an outcast, even her friends. With the experience of loneliness she faced, not everyone can get over it and I understand that. Even so, she shouldn’t have given up so easily and thats why I don’t agree with her perception.

3. Discuss the symbolism of the singing birds in the mall?

The singing birds symbolize open minded and the ability to speak. Open minded because the birds don’t care what the people think, they’re going to sing to their hearts content. And the ability to speak because Melinda said “I should probably tell someone, just tell someone. Get it over with. Let it out, blurt it out.” (pg 99) This quote means that Melinda wants to tell what really happened at the party. Why put this quote when the story is talking about the birds at the mall? The birds will probably have meaning once we go deeper in the book.

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