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Essay about “European contact and settlement impact First Nations”

Today, we are to settle this argument on the “European contact and settlement impact First Nations (FN).” although they’re some things that the FN benefited from, I have sided with the negative side and its my job to analyze the information to prove that their were more negative, than positive.

FN impact wasn’t all bad, turns out their were good things like: The fur trade gave the FN pots and pans which allowed them to cook food, they were given guns which in war, they won’t be in a disadvantage, the guns can get quick kills in hunting and in war, unlike bows which have to reload every time you fire a arrow, a gun can fire multiple bullets without reloading, the fur trade actually helped the FN more than the European. Five examples, five good things that happened to the FN, but don’t forget they’re still bad things to.

Remember there are good things, and bad things, these bad things are: there was a language barrier which means they don’t understand what the Europeans talking about, the guns can backfire and even kill you, some groups of FN didn’t even get a gun which means a disadvantage in war, pots and pans need to be clean in order to not get sick, guns are loud and could scare a pack of animals, they received brandy which made the FN addicted to it, which means they won’t be able to hunt or do their jobs. Also the Europeans could take advantage and do a unfair trade, guns are heavy at the time and it could affect their aim, FN believes that there’s no land ownership, where the European claim land ownership, The FN followed the animals, where the Europeans are settled in one place, the FN believed in spiritual beliefs, where the Europeans are catholic, Some FN didn’t want to change their religion, the ones who did convert they got a better advantage, the Europeans kidnapped Taignoagny and Domagay, which led to distrust, the Europeans put a cross on the beach saying “this is our land” this made the FN mad. All of these examples are most of the bad things that happened to the FN when the Europeans came.

Although they’re some things that the FN benefited from, I have sided with the negative side and this is my argument on “European contact and settlement impact First Nations.” If the British found Canada before the Europeans, would they do the same bad thing as the Europeans?

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Essay: Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was an explorer for Spain and was searching for a faster route to Asia for trading. Instead of finding this route, he found new land that will become North and South America. Columbus should be remembered as a horrible person.

Columbus wasn’t all bad, he did do things that should be honour

First, He was able to figure out a plan in the best way possible just by looking at stares (Doc #1). Secondly, He did returned to Spain with Gold and spices (Doc #5). Lastly, He had a faced off fierce oppositions and danger (Doc #2.)In the end, he did do some good things but that doesn’t mean that was all good

Columbus did things that we all should remember him as a bad person.

Firstly, He lied to the King and Queen by saying he found great mines and many spices(Doc #5). Secondly, He was a slave trader (Doc #3). Thirdly, while he was in Cuba, he stab his slaves (Tanions) when they didn’t trade their bows and arrows and left them to bleed to death (Doc #5). Then, He diminished the population of the Taino from 8 million to 28 thousand (Doc #3). After that, He was praised for saying “the Earth is round”, even though this knowledge was known. Lastly, He stole someones prize by saying he said “Land”first, even though Bermejo saw land first. These six facts proves my Thesis that Columbus Should be remember as a cruel man

Columbus was a horrible person because he was greedy and cruel. Now we have seen the true colours of Christopher Columbus. Maybe their was more evidence in Columbus journals, probably talking about money, how the slaves are useless and how dumb the King and Queen are.

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Palace of versailles

Matthew W Palace of Versailles October 28, 2014

Looking in the Palace of Versailles, comparing where the Bourgeoisie, city workers and peasants live is a BIG contrast so I’m going to talk about the Palace of Versailles. Lets start

Now imagine, what would happen if the 3 Estate saw this beautiful palace, they would be very angry for many reasons. One, everything in is almost made out of GOLD. Two, the Peasants and city workers have very little money (and if they see this um, yeah). Last but not least Three, they could have used the money on the Bourgeoisie so the king could make more money, but of course the king mess up and BANISHED them!

Now lets compare,

-the King gets a palace and a garden. But the city workers and peasants just get a house (well acutely the peasants get a farm so they don’t have to buy food really but you know what I mean).

-The king gets like a unlimited credit card and uses that money to keep his awesome life style. On the other hand the Bourgeoisie has money but they use it up right away because of taxes and food

-The King always complain about having no money and makes more taxes. But the Bourgeoisie, city worker and peasants complain that they should tax the celery and Aristocrat because they have lots of money.

Now if I was the king, I wouldn’t have tax just the 3 Estate but everyone so its fair and probably made more money then Louis so yeah. The palace would be lest cool looking but it will at least stand, plus I don’t want to spend money on clothing but admit it, If you had all (and I mean all) the power. I bet you would spend all the money you have right off the bat (anyone would). well um, thats really it right now so um, yeah {done} [for now].

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