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Alien reporter assignment

Hello, I am Matt Patt Tatooie and today we are at planet Earmp (Earth) to observe these strange looking aliens called humans. It seems these “humans” contact each other with strange rectangle devices that somehow their voices can be heard across the world. When the devices turn off by itself, the humans seem to be angry or shocked that it turn off by itself. One human named Megan seems to be very worried about something, she was worried and tired from looking at her rectangle device. she is looking at it for hours an— oh wait! A human is approaching Megan. They seem to be having a conversation, Megan looks like she really doesn’t want to talk. This concerns me because if this happens at our world, it could affect our energy and health. The worst case scenario that our kids back home having this monstrosity. We have now new information that a good night sleep can help with this dilemma and taking a break from studying and stuff like that. It looks like the rectangle devices have games on here too, they have educational games as well and we could use games like that. These games are quite interesting and Megan seems to be having fun with it. Well, for all the other tatooies in the the world of tatooies, Thiss is Matt pat Tatooie signing off.

Earmp humans stressed on rectangle devicesimage

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