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Analogy post

Temperature: Kids have more energy in the sun than in the rain.  The sun makes the temperature hotter which makes kids have more energy if it was raining. Furthermore they will have more chances they will likely they will run and bump into each other creating collisions.

Concentration: In Crash crawl-les there was 21 kids playing with lots of energy. If we added 40 more kids in the mix, then in the answer their will add more energy and the more chances the kids will bumping, crashing and pushing into other kids

Surface area: There is a water gun fight in lions park (a huge water fight area). There are 50 kids and 10 adluts, once the water comes into the contact the kids, then will gain more energy to spray their friends back. The adluts are like metal, always wants the powder (kids) to have fun while the adluts just stand there let them spray them.

Catalysts: Ms. Ferreira has decided to do a group project, and she is going to pick the student partners for us. She decides to partner Mr. Chan and Ms. Shong who get along very well. Ms. Ferreira made a good choice there, because they were so energetic that they got 100% in there project.

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Lab project 2 (acids and bases)

image image


We were finding what’s a base and what’s Acid thourgh the indicators. We did it because we need to learn about how to indicate acids and bases. It’s important for everyday life because learning what acids and bases can do to us can keep us safe from harm.

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Lab project


We are finding unified motion through crawling.

We use this in every-day lives say, how far can a car go in 30 seconds. Now of course there’s other stuff (wind resistance, drag etc) but if the car was traveling at the same speed constantly, how far will it go in 30 secs. Another example is, How far can Mr. Chan walk in 10 seconds. We would use Unified motion to get the answer.

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