How do you identify Canada and being Canadian?

Here are my two resources:


A Multicultural Canada


The reason why I picked these resources is because the first one is the Canadian flag which is the way we are choosing to symbolize Canada. The maple leaf is an important symbol because before the first European settlers came to Canada, the Aboriginal people of Canada had discovered the food properties of maple sap that they gathered every spring and the maple leaf began to serve as a Canadian symbol as early as the 1700. To someone living in the different country such as Germany they might just look at this symbol and think of Canada because of the flag which is the view I have too.

I picked the blog post about the multiculturalism written by Iman Bukhari¬† because when I think of being Canadian or being in Canada, I get reminded of how accepting and nice the people are. When you look around the classroom you can see all your peers surrounding you and mostly everyone is different from eachother and yet we all get along well and there’s no hate. Even in the blog post it says that racism might still exist in Canada but we do not support practices that go against our basic human rights. We are not allowed to promote hatred in Canada. Now from a perspective of an Aboriginal they might argue that Canada is not that accepting considering the cruelness we put them through and or are continuously putting them through since the scars from all that hurting have not yet healed. Aboriginals have suffered a lot and that was not ok but I think we as Canadians learned from our mistakes and are trying to fix everything we did wrong to bring everyone together because after all humanity is one.



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