To Kill A Mockingbird-Reading Journals

This book was amazing to read. It was full of ups and downs and it was written beautifully in the eyes of Scout who’s looking back to her childhood as an adult. I recommend this book to everyone because it is a classic and it could seem tiring at first but it gets more interesting […]

Breaking the Rule-Narrative Essay-Corrections

This is an embedded Microsoft Office document, powered by Office Online.   I think overall the essay I wrote was structurally well written. Two things I did well on were my Rule of 3’s Parallelism and also I kept my essay interesting, making the reader enjoy and smile at what they were reading. Two things […]

The Human Condition Paragraph

In the This is Our World video, Steve Cutts is trying to illustrate how our life is affected these day because of all the technology we have around and the addiction to that technology. It starts off showing humans on their cellphones falling down a sewer. A little boy sitting down on the side of […]