Santa Face On Desmos

Here is what my Santa ended up looking like: All the calculations I used are listed above, this was pretty hard at first but after a while it got easier to find the different equations and equalities to make certain parts. For the eyes all I had to do to make them symmetrical is by […]

Surface Area of a Sphere

Today in Math 10 Honours we did a class activity to find out the formula for the surface area of a sphere. To find out the formula we were given an orange, a knife, paper towels and a piece of paper. We were told to cut the orange in half, trace the circumference of those […]

Prime Number Poem

1 lingers on with the feeling of emptiness inside Because it does not have any other factors, it’s not composite nor prime But something tells me that this little one has got it all wrong, he doesn’t realize that he’s not alone He has numbers that depend on him too, as he’s the only other […]