Prime Number Poem

1 lingers on with the feeling of emptiness inside Because it does not have any other factors, it’s not composite nor prime But something tells me that this little one has got it all wrong, he doesn’t realize that he’s not alone He has numbers that depend on him too, as he’s the only other […]


#1: Fake Facebook Profile It feels very weird to know that some people need to hide behind fake profiles to talk about their opinions in a way that makes them seem professional. I’m also disappointed that some higher class people in the politics are hiring someone to make these fake profiles and talk good about […]


Before I read the article, I will be discussing what I think statistics affect in our society today. The role statistics have is that they are used in many ways such as getting a poll on whether the population of a city wants a new park and or it can be used for something serious […]

Junk food Assignment

Steamy meatballs covered by tomato sauce and served with processed cheese and bread. My favourite junk food would have to be a meatball marinara served with Italian bread from Subway. I love it because I love the taste of the meatballs and although the cheese makes it way too salty, it creates the perfect taste. […]