For the Birds- Ballad Poem

For The Birds A small blue bird sat on a power line, On a cloudy and sunny day, He shook his feathers and looked around, His intentions were to stay   Another blue bird came flying in, He took a seat beside the first, He stretched his wings hitting the face, Of the one who […]

Grammar Talks -Sentence Fragments

A sentence fragment occurs when a sentence is missing one of the following components: A subject, a verb and or a complete thought. A sentence fragment makes sentences hard to understand because, without a subject, the reader would not know who the sentence is about. Furthermore, if there was no verb then the group of […]

Technology Paragraph

“Do you think we are too reliant on technology?” Technology is evolving every single second and creating new solutions to our everyday or advanced problems, therefore, causing humankind to become too dependent on it. In the video “Technology is replacing jobs. Are you ready?” it is said that in the last twenty years “Technology and […]