Math & Music- Inquiry Project

My topic for my inquiry project was Math and Music, and I focus mainly on the question “What is the relationship between math and music?” This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.My further questions are how I can prove that the violin and mouthpiece designed by the golden ratio sound and […]

TOKTW 2016

Name: Alhan Zarei          Rap: 56            Class: Ms. A. Chapell November 2nd 2016 Name of your host: Afshin Zarei               Relationship to you: Father The Interview 1. What is your job title? Electrical Technician 2. What is your job description? Assembling and […]

~ Science App Review ~

Starting off the Chemistry unit this year I thought to myself, this is easy! I thought I understood it all but the day of the test I completely zoned out and didn’t get that well of a grade. When this project came up I knew this would be my opportunity to find an app that could […]

~My Digital Footprint~

Digital footprint, everyone has one whether they know of it or not. It’s something most people don’t have complete control over, It’s a database that could affect everyday opportunities. When I searched my name online the first thing that popped up was my Facebook account and when I went to images there were no photos […]