Industrial Revolution

Ted Talk:   Alhan’s Organizer: Alhan’s-2cko1ak Maebel’s Organizer: Maebel’s-15qbbo2     Slight note: The reason why this Ted Talk wasn’t filmed at the same time is because of me getting very sick and not being able to meet up with Maebel because she was going to Tokyo. I tried my best to blend it in […]

~My Environmental Interactions~

This assignment is asking us to record down all the interactions we have in the day with different things and how little things we do affect our spheres and cycles. I tried to watch what I did today and try to change my ways a little bit so that I don’t have a negative effect […]

~How Do Cells Multiply~

Before our school went on winter break, my science class started learning about cells and how they multiply. We started off learning about Mitosis which was more difficult to understand that I thought. Adding to that we also learned about DNA and the cell cycle. The three stages of the cell cycle that we learned […]