Does racism still exist?

Racism still exists but it isn’t nearly as bad as it was 70 years ago. Back then black people did not even have the same rights as white people. Some discrimination that was very common for a black person to face back then was: they could not sit at the front of the bus, they could be denied service at a store because of their skin color, they went to jail longer than white people for the same crime, they were not allowed into politics, they could not vote (in the 1950s) and it was difficult to get a job because many businesses owners were white and would not hire black people. These are just few examples of things black people had to face a long time ago. Today black people pretty much don’t face any of these problems anymore. I think the best change to the issue of racism is that being racist is actually frowned upon now unlike back then.

Life is About Experiences

My best game in soccer has played a role in who i am today because it slightly increased my confidence in what i think i am capable of. As I slide the soccer ball between the legs of 3 of my opponents I take a shot at the net and think, oh great I missed. But i see the ball curving towards the top right corner of the net and it barely flies in. Damn, that was a pretty cool goal. It smells like victory. The score is now 2-2 and the first half is over. I Intercept the ball seconds after the second half starts and i can taste victory as i run towards the net with the ball. I realize i am only half way up the field and i am out of breath so i look for a teammate to pass to but i see nobody in a good position. I am exhausted and their defense is closing in on me. I run up and take a shot from 20 yards away and the ball somehow slips between the goal keeper’s hands and goes into the net. When i see the ball hit the back of the net i feel like dying because I’m so tired but at least I didn’t do all that running for nothing. I feel great satisfaction as i watch my opponents get unhappy after i score. As the ball is being reset in the middle my confidence is up and i think like i can score another goal but i my legs are telling me to ask the coach to sub me off. When i get subbed off i watch the game very closely hoping we don’t get scored on but unfortunately the other team heads the ball into the net from a cornet kick which is a brilliant goal. When i sub back in i go into a defensive position. When we start with the ball the opposition takes the ball almost instantly once again. I slide tackle the dude with the ball and he lands on his head and gets a concussion. I feel satisfied that their best striker is off but i felt sort of bad at the same time. The ball is going back and forth over and over again and neither of our teams are making much progress towards the net. The last 5 minutes have arrived and we have a 1 goal lead and we need to defend hard to secure the victory. The last 1 minute has arrived and we finally break through their defense and it is 1 striker vs 1 defender in the other end. Our striker gets passed the last defender with ease and chips the ball right over the goalies head and goes into the net. The game is over and we have won. It may have not been a really important game but it was really close and it was the most goals i have scored in a game before so it boosted my confidence in playing forwards and boosted my confidence in what I think i am capable of in general.