matter matters by Sean H and Owen W

The concept of matter is hard to understand because matter is everything in the universe with mass and volume which is pretty much everything that was ever to exist to that’s a lot of things to understand.


An engaging way to educate people about matter is to show people physical matter and talk about the properties because most people learn better from interacting with what they are learning about.

Design and Deliver

A good learning technique for educating people on matter is to teach people about elements in the first place because elements are what build up different types of matter. If you where to mix pure sodium and water it explodes so some types of matter are highly reactive, some are not as reactive and some types of matter are not reactive at all. Every kind of matter has unique properties. A good way to test reactiveness in certain types of matter is to conduct a series of experiments mixing different elements.


In the process of completing this challenge to teach about matter we said how you can test reactiveness in different types of matter which is relevant because most types of mater have different levels of reactiveness. We also said how it is easier to teach about matter with showing a physical piece of matter because some people learn better that way. We showed how you can test reactiveness of matter well. We could have done better by adding a video of us conducting a few experiments of mixing different types of matter.