Taming of the shrew induction scene project

Sean, Parsa, Eric December 16, 2015 Mr. Barazzuol, Block D Taming of the Shrew, stop motion induction scene project

“Taming of the Shrew” is a play made by the famous poet names William Shakespeare. It starts off with a main character named Sly. Sly passes out in a bar drunk and then the lord with his men come into the bar and take him so that they can prank him. When Sly wakes up he wakes up in a palace full of rich paintings and servants eager to serve him (the servants are part of the prank). Sly is obviously very confused at this point but he is convinced that he is a lord and was very ill. The illness that he thought he had made him sleep for a very long time and he couldn’t remember a thing. The wife Sly thinks he has comes into the room and Sly wants to sleep with her but she said that if they do it he might get sick again. Page leaves the room and the servants enter. The servants have brought in some players that will present a play that is about two people named Grenio and Tranio that go out to look for wives. They meet with a father that has two daughters named Katherine and Beonce. The two men are shocked due to the extremily rude behaviour of the girl named Katherine and they say she was born in hell. Neither of the brothers want to marry Katherine so they are both trying to marry Beonce but you can’t have two husbands.

I enjoyed the filming of this project but we ran into a few problems along the way. First we where a little bit rushy so we where getting out hands and fingers into some of the frames so we had to delete individual frame which was stressful. Second we downloaded the wrong app, we downloaded “imotion” instead of “stopmotion” which made the voice part especially hard becuase we had to record the voice outside of the app, we couldn’t record the voice in the app because we got the wrong app by accident so it wanted us to pay $3.50. But thanks to mr Robinson he edited all the voice clips I made into our video. Aside from the problems I think this was a beneficial experience becuase I learned what it might be like to be on a stop motion cartoon or movie set and how hard it really is.

Animal Farm Propaganda Poster & Summary

The propaganda poster of the novel “Animal Farm” is of a peaceful barn on one side with sunshine over it and a slaughter house with rain over it. The rain symbolizes that the slaughter house is a sad a horrible place and there is sunshine over the barn symbolizing that the barn is a great place. There is a pig having a great time in the barn but the slaughter house has dead animals in front of it in the picture. There are pigs running away from the slaughter house and towards animal farmThe motto on the bottom is “Rebel or Die” The four propaganda tactics that this poster uses is: fear because the if you don’t rebel you will die of a horrible death and you basically have no choice but to join the animal rebellion. It uses the band wagon tactic because it shows a bunch of pigs running away from the slaughter house and towards animal farm and you should join them or else the slaughter house will kill you. The poster uses the repetition propaganda because there are a bunch of signs and graffiti saying “Rebel or Die” all over the poster.

Secluded Lot Quotes And Comic

Exposition: “i’d like to inquire about a lot” the old man said, the effort of decision evident in his voice (115).

Rising action: “needs a bit of a clearing though, and a proper entrance. it would be very private” (16) when the old man asks for privacy on his lot which doesn’t matter since hes dead  so it is kind of fishy because he might be up to something.

Rising action:  “then its settled” (118) When the lot gets sold

Rising action: why would the old man like the lot wild and uncared for? “not i like it the way it is, wild and uncared for hidden by thicket of branches” (16)

Climax: “ouch!” (119) said Mr. Jerome. Mr. Jerome finds the old man harvesting bees and gets stung.

Falling action: “why because of my bees? They pollinate your flowers. Now, if you could spare me a few moments” (120) when Mr. Jerome agrees that the bees are pollinating the flowers which makes them look nicer so he calms down.

Falling action: “this has to be illegal” (120) Mr. Jerome runs back to the office examining the print

Denouement: “Mr. Jerome, I have reached an important decision. i should like to buy another lot”  (121)

 secluded lot 1 secluded lot 2