September Lab Reflections

Sean Hruswicki
Foods 12
2 October 2017
Mr. Brett

September Lab Reflection

I chose to reflect of the sunflower crepe lab because it was the best tasting thing we

made this month. One thing that went well was the final product, it was more delicious than I

was expecting it to be. The only thing that went wrong was that we went a little bit over the

time provided because we were having some difficulties understanding the recipe. The thing

that confused the group was which ingredient do we take double of because we were making

the sunflower crepes in groups of 2 in our table of 4 definitely make this again because it is not

that hard to make and it tasted really good. I also chose to reflect on the croissant recipe I was

not present at school the day they were baked unfortunately. I heard they were delicious. What

went well was despite having a major setback we still were not that late for the next block. Our

mistake was we added where we were not supposed to and had to redo the entire recipe

which took around 15 minutes. Another setback was a custard cup made of glass slipped out

of my hand and shattered onto the floor. I had to leave my group to clean up my mess. I would

definitely give the croissants another shot just for the sake of doing it right and actually getting

to actually taste them which I could not originally do because I was absent.