Coke, Pepsi, Diet Coke + bleach = ??? (Science experiment)

In this experiment we mixed Diet Coke, Pepsi and regular Coke with bleach. The purpose of the experiment was to see what would happen when we mixed all of the substances one at a time. Some safety rules we followed was that we wouldn’t mix the bleach with out pop very fast to reduce the risk of getting bleach on out skins or on the floor or desk. We mixed about 200 ml of the beverages with bleach separately and when we mixed them all of our drinks tuned into a clear water like substance with good a faint shade of yellow. We noticed that the Diet Coke mixed with bleach made the clearest most water like substance rather than the regular Coke and Diet Coke. We think it is clearer because it has less sugar in it. In conclusion if if you mix bleach with mostly any kind of pop it will most likely turn into a substance that almost looks like water. It is also most definitely not for drinking