Final science project

How will plants grow with rain water, sugar water and tap water?

HYPOTHESIS: If I have 9 plants and I water 3 with rain water the other 3 with tap water and the last 3 with 5% sugar water (100 ml of tap water mixed with one flat tbs of sugar) then the plants watered with rain water will grow better because some tap water has a small amount of chlorine which could not be good for the plants and the rain water is all natural with nutrients from nature (lakes, rivers etc.) and the sugar water will be second biggest because it is just tap water but with extra nutrients but could be dangerous for the plant.

The Independent variable is the 2 different types of water that will be used to feed the plants. The 2 levels are tap water and rain water. Each type of water will be feeding 3 different plants.

The plants are the dependent variables I will be measuring. They will be measured in Centimeters with a ruler.

1. The amount of water given to each plant.
2. The amount of soil given to each plant to sit in.
3. Plant seeds
4. Sunlight received by each plant
5.) placement of plant (makes sure rain cant contact the plants from the sky)
6.) the starting height of the germanium plants and parsley plants

Materials: tap water 300 ml for each week you conduct this experiment, rain water 300 ml for every week you conduct this experiment, bucket, pot, soil, 3 bean plant seeds, 3 parsley plants, 3 geranium plats, gardening gloves, ruler, space, pencil, paper, eraser, watering pot / cup, Lab sheet, table, measuring tape, measuring cup, tea spoon, sugar, you will need 15ml or 3 teaspoons of sugar for every week you conduct this experiment.
Step 1: place 9 flower pots on balcony or inside beside large window, it is imperative that the pots have equal sunlight the entire day so pay attention to your pot placement. Also make sure that rain water from the sky cannot reach the plants.
Step 2: fill up each pot 2/3 way up with soil
Step 3: place 6 green bean seeds in pots A1, A2 and A3
Step 4: plant same size parsley plants in plant C1,C2 and C3
Step 5: plant same size germanium plants in pot B1, B2 and B3
Step 6: water plants A1, B1, and C1 with 100 ml of regular tap water
Step 7: water plants A2, B2, and C2 with 100 ml of rain water
Step 8: water plants A3, B3, and C3 with sugar H20 (sugar H2O is 100 ml of regular tap water mixed thoroughly one flat tea spoon of regular white sugar)
After step 6 & 7 Water each plant with their designated type of H2O every week
Step 9: every week take precise measurements of height with a ruler (take measurements in centimeters). Also use your eyes to try to spot a difference in color and appearance.
Step 10: after 4 weeks take your final measurements with your ruler or measuring tape and compare the physical characteristics (color, brightness, standing tall or leaning over?) of the pairs of plants.

Keep in mind Sugar water = 100 ml of water + 1 flat teaspoon of sugar

Background Information:
I chose to use beans, germanium and parsley because one is a plant, one is a flower and one is a bushy plant.
the sugar will kill the plants if the water has too much sugar in it
According to the rain water will be better than tap water with a clear visual difference.
According to city tap water contains fluorine and chlorine which can slow growth of plant
According to rain water is more acidic in different regions.
Rain water is more pure than tap water
There are many mixed answers about sugar water, some say it does nothing, some say it is better and some say it is actually dangerous for your plants.
According to the negative effects of sugar to plants are long term so we will see in the coming weeks.
5 ml of sugar (1tea spoon) in 100 ml of water makes it 5% concentration sugar water according to my calculator.
Rain water in BC is not toxic
Tap water in BC is clean to drink
Sources say you should have around 7% sugar in water for healthy plants
If bean plants are bent put a stick to make them up right


Is tap water bad for plants?
Is tap water killing your soil? The experts weigh in

At week 0 the parsley plants are all 13 cm (all 3 plants)
At week 0 all 3 germanium plants are at 17 cm tall

Bean plant watered with sugar H2O is the first one to sprout

The beans watered with sugar water is 6 cm while the other plants are just sprouting at both around 3 cm
The bean plant watered with sugar H2O already has some leaves while the other 2 plants both have much smaller leaves
The bean watered with rain water has larger leaves than the bean watered with tap water
The plant watered with rain H2O water seems to be catching up to the plant watered with sugar H2O in vertical height wise.
The plant watered with tap water is taller than the plant watered with rain water
The sugar water plant had the most seeds sprout.
The germanium and parsley plants take long to grow so there is little difference in height.
Rain water was better for all the plants besides the bean plant (Vertical height growth wise).
The flower on the geranium with tap after looks fuller and healthier than both the other geraniums.
The sugar h2o plants seem to be the tallest
The tap water plants are taller than the rain water plants
The sugar and rain water geranium flowers look very dry
The water seems to be dissolving the soil in all pots
The sugar water bean plant seems to be making a bean in week 4
All the parsley plants look the same in the end



Time: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Height of plants:



A= Bean plants

B= Germanium

C= parsley

1= rain water

2= tap water

3= sugar water  

A1: 14 cm

B1: 21.5 cm

C1: 15 cm

A2: 15 cm

B2: 20 cm

C2: 17 cm

A3: 18 cm

B3: 22 cm

C3: 19 cm


A1: 21 cm

B1: 23 cm

C1: 17.7 cm

A2: 20 cm

B2: 22 cm

C2: 21 cm

A3: 28 cm

B3: 25 cm

C3: 21.9 cm

A1: 25 cm

B1: 24 cm

C1: 20.5 cm

A2: 29 cm

B2: 23.9 cm

C2: 24.25 cm

A3: 34.5 cm

B3: 26.75cm

C3: 24cm

A1: 29 cm

B1: 26.5

C1: 22

A2: 35 cm

B2: 25.25

C2: 27.5 cm


B3: 28.25

C3: 25.5 cm

week 0: A1, A2, A3 = 0 cm, B1, B2, B3 = 17 cm, C1, C2, C3 = 13 cm.


This experiment investigated what is the best type of water to water your plants with: tap water, rain water or sugar water (100 ml of tap water mixed with 1 tea spoon of sugar)? To investigate this experiment there were 3 Geranium plants, 3 Bean plants (6 bean seeds in each pot) and 3 parsley plants. One of each type of plant will receive 100 ml of rain, Sugar, or tap water twice a week. Every week record height and physical appearance of each plant, Do this for 4 or more weeks. After 4 weeks the heights were recorded to see which water made which plant grow the tallest. Results showed that for the bean plant the bean watered with the sugar water grew the tallest at 42.5 cm but it was also the very first to sprout and the first to grow leaves. The second tallest bean was watered with regular tap water at 35 cm and the shortest bean plant was watered with rain water at 29 cm which really surprised me because rain water is supposedly the best water to water plants with. For the Geraniums the tallest plant was watered with sugar water as well at 28.25 cm. Second place was really close with only 1.25 cm difference, the flower watered with rain water at 26.5 cm and regular tap water at 25.25 was last place. Something really surprising with the Geraniums was that the plant watered with tap water had the fullest and most healthy looking flower while the other two looked the same but very noticeably let healthy than the tap water one. The tallest parsley plant was watered with tap water at 27.5 cm, second was with sugar water at 25.5 cm and last was rain water at 22 cm. All of the parsley plants have the same appearance and shade of green throughout the whole experiment. The performance of the rain water was surprisingly not good compared to the other plants; it was even beat by tap water so maybe pollution could be affecting the water that comes from the sky. Sugar water seems to be the best for growing plants quickly but sources say that sugar water is not good for plants long term and the experiment was only conducted for 4 weeks. I was surprised that the tap water could beat the rain water in some areas because sources say that tap water contains chlorine which isn’t good for plants but maybe BC just has some really good tap water. My hypothesis was: If I have 9 plants and I water 3 with rain water the other 3 with tap water and the last 3 with 5% sugar water then the plants watered with rain water will grow the best because some tap water has a small amount of chlorine which could not be good for the plants and the rain water is all natural with nutrients from nature (lakes, rivers etc.) and the sugar water will be second biggest because it is just tap water but with some extra nutrients but could be dangerous for the plant. My hypothesis was mostly negated because I said that the rain water will be the best but none of the rain water plants were the tallest and they were the shortest in the parsley and bean plant. I said that the sugar water was going to be the second best but it was actually THE best height wise in watering the plants because it had the tallest bean and Geranium plants. I said tap water was going to be the worst but it was actually second best. I was surprised at how negated my hypothesis was. Finally if I had the chance to repeat this experiment these are some things I would change. I think it would be a lot simpler to just use 9 bean plants and we would get more accurate results but just for the bean plant. Second I would make the experiment go on longer because sources say that the sugar water is bad for the plants long term but the experiment was not long term as it was only 4 weeks long. Something else I considered doing was testing what is the best percentage of sugar water for watering plants and I think that is a great alternative experiment related to this one.

Does racism still exist?

Racism still exists but it isn’t nearly as bad as it was 70 years ago. Back then black people did not even have the same rights as white people. Some discrimination that was very common for a black person to face back then was: they could not sit at the front of the bus, they could be denied service at a store because of their skin color, they went to jail longer than white people for the same crime, they were not allowed into politics, they could not vote (in the 1950s) and it was difficult to get a job because many businesses owners were white and would not hire black people. These are just few examples of things black people had to face a long time ago. Today black people pretty much don’t face any of these problems anymore. I think the best change to the issue of racism is that being racist is actually frowned upon now unlike back then.

Life is About Experiences

My best game in soccer has played a role in who i am today because it slightly increased my confidence in what i think i am capable of. As I slide the soccer ball between the legs of 3 of my opponents I take a shot at the net and think, oh great I missed. But i see the ball curving towards the top right corner of the net and it barely flies in. Damn, that was a pretty cool goal. It smells like victory. The score is now 2-2 and the first half is over. I Intercept the ball seconds after the second half starts and i can taste victory as i run towards the net with the ball. I realize i am only half way up the field and i am out of breath so i look for a teammate to pass to but i see nobody in a good position. I am exhausted and their defense is closing in on me. I run up and take a shot from 20 yards away and the ball somehow slips between the goal keeper’s hands and goes into the net. When i see the ball hit the back of the net i feel like dying because I’m so tired but at least I didn’t do all that running for nothing. I feel great satisfaction as i watch my opponents get unhappy after i score. As the ball is being reset in the middle my confidence is up and i think like i can score another goal but i my legs are telling me to ask the coach to sub me off. When i get subbed off i watch the game very closely hoping we don’t get scored on but unfortunately the other team heads the ball into the net from a cornet kick which is a brilliant goal. When i sub back in i go into a defensive position. When we start with the ball the opposition takes the ball almost instantly once again. I slide tackle the dude with the ball and he lands on his head and gets a concussion. I feel satisfied that their best striker is off but i felt sort of bad at the same time. The ball is going back and forth over and over again and neither of our teams are making much progress towards the net. The last 5 minutes have arrived and we have a 1 goal lead and we need to defend hard to secure the victory. The last 1 minute has arrived and we finally break through their defense and it is 1 striker vs 1 defender in the other end. Our striker gets passed the last defender with ease and chips the ball right over the goalies head and goes into the net. The game is over and we have won. It may have not been a really important game but it was really close and it was the most goals i have scored in a game before so it boosted my confidence in playing forwards and boosted my confidence in what I think i am capable of in general.






Float Your Boat (Experiment)

Float Your Boat! – Scientific Method Project
Name: Sean Hruswicki                                                                         BLK: D

CHALLENGE: Make a boat that can float in water and hold the most amount of pennies.

PROBLEM: how do we make a boat that can hold a large amount of pennies out of just two straws, a piece of tinfoil and a marshmallow?

HYPOTHESIS: Our boat design is highly superior compared to the other boats that people have made and our boat will hold the most pennies.

IDEA FOR ORIGINAL DESIGN: we put marsh mellows at the bottom of the boat to be used as flotation devices, and we crossed the straws to support the bottom of the boat to float and to hold he center of the boat up where we will start to stack the pennies if he can cover the entire surface of the boat. We used high walls because the pennies could be under the water but the water gets kept out.

HOW MANY PENNIES DID YOUR BOAT HOLD? Our boat held 130 pennies or $1.30 CAD

WHAT WOULD YOU KEEP OR CHANGE ON YOUR BOAT DESIGN IF YOU WERE TO DO THIS AGAIN? We would definitely choose the same design because our boat held the most pennies (130) out of the whole class.

CONCLUSION: the best way to make a tinfoil boat is to cut a marshmallow into 4 equal pieced and stick them on each bottom corner, have 2 straws form an X under the boat and fold some high walls to keep the water out even when the pennies are under water.

Sir Hugh Allan – Power point Presentation & Script

Sir Hugh Allan presentation – social studies-13vqaz8


Sir Hugh Allan Presentation Script


Early Life


Sir Hugh Allan was born on September 29, 1810 and died on December 9th, 1882 at the age of 72. Allan was born in North Ayrshire, Scotland. He was the second son of Captain Alexander Allan and Jean Crawford. Allan got an education from a parish school in Saltcoats. Allan started his first Job in 1823 at him family’s counting house and three years later he migrated to Montreal to work as a clerk for a grain merchant. (25 seconds, slide 1)



Rise of the Allan Line in Montreal


In 1831 Allan became a commission merchant with one of the Montreal’s leading importers, Allan shipped goods, built ships and purchased grain to make money. Allan was very successful with the help of family capital and contacts made through family connections. In 1835 Allan partnered with a company called Millar, Edmonstone & co. Shortly after Allan used his father’s money to expand his company’s shipping operations. (28 seconds, slide 2)



The Merchant’s bank of Canada


While still in his thirties Allan had become the director at the bank of Montreal and remained on the board for 10 years. Allan was the president of the Provincial Building Society which became the province’s main loan company in 1875. Allan named his bank “The Merchants Bank of Canada” in 1864. His bank had a capital of 6.7 million dollars with a reserve fund of 6.8 million dollars. Allan served as the president of the bank his entire life until death. (27 seconds, slide 3)


The Allan Royal Mail Line


In 1851 Allan had been elected president of the Montreal Board of Trade and had used his position to advocate and create steamship lines between Britain, Montreal and Portland. His steamships would carry Royal Mail from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and it would also transport immigrants to North America. Even though the Steamship line was all Allan’s idea the competition for the contract to carry it out was great. Allan had support from both sides of the Atlantic but he ended up losing the contract in 1853 to Samuel Cunard, a shipping magnate and the founder of the Cunard Line. Cunard ran into trouble immediately and Allan reached by building more ships that are far more superior than the ships that Cunard was using. In 1856 Allan had taken the contact for the line from Cunard with the help of politicians. In 1856 Allan had reported his investment on his company for $3.5 Million. The Allan line didn’t just carry mail, it also transported Royalty, Troops, Manufactured goods, general cargo and wheat all through the Atlantic. When Victoria Bridge opened in 1859, Allan depended on the Grand trunk railway and signed a 10 year contract with them. The Grand trunk railway was planning on making a shipping line of its own with firms in NYC and Boston that were rivals of Allan so Allan was threatened by this. (81 seconds, slide 4, 5, 6, 7)



Railways and the Pacific Scandal


When Allan was about to leave the Grand Trunk railroad, the Canadian gov’t had planned to build a railroad that goes through British Columbia called the Canadian Pacific Railway. Allan and Lewis Macperson’s companies had competed for the contract to build the Canadian Pacific railway. Allan had received $1 million dollars form the city of Montreal to build the railroad and in 1871 Allan had become the president of the Montreal Northern Colonization Railway. Allan promised that BC would join confederation if he built the railroad. Allan had donated $350K to john A Macdonald’s re election campaign to ensure that he would get the contract for the railroad if Macdonald had won but macdonald’s re election was a fail. Macdonald’s defeat in the re-election had crushed Allan’s dreams of supremacy in the railroad business. In 1873 it was found out that Allan had contributed a large sums of money to macdonald’s re-election campaign which was seen as bribery and is illegal. Macdonald claimed he was innocent but evidence shows that Macdonald and some of his colleagues in fact did receive money from Allan to secure the contract for the railroad. (63 seconds, slide 8, 9, 10)


Impacts Today


Sir Hugh Allan left behind a positive legacy. Although he is most known for bribing John A Macdonald. he did do a lot some positive things in his life like creating the Allan line which transported troops, immigrants and other goods, building railroads and creating The Merchants bank of Montreal. Most Allan’s accomplishments do not effect today as the merchant’s bank of montreal close in 1922 and the Allan lines are closed, he did build some railroads while in the railroad business which are still here today. While only in his thirties Allan was the director of the the merchants’ bank of canada and was the president of the Provincial Building society or the provinces biggest loan company. Sir Hugh Allan was probably the most successful person in canada at the time. (40 seconds, slide 11, 12)




The Canadian Encyclopedia – Sir Hugh Allan

Britannica – Hugh Allan

CBC – history – Hugh Allan

Wikipedia – Sir Hugh Allan




What I have learned this week in math

This week in math i have learned how to FOIL polynomials. Foiling is a method used to find the value of a polynomial. FOIL stands for: F – first term in each bracket, O – outside terms, I – inside terms and L – last term in each bracket. An example of a polynomial being foiled below.image

after you do the multiplication part you must add or cancel out like terms. A like term is when two terms are alike, for example 8x and 8x are like terms, 8 and 8 are like terms 8 and 8x are not like terms. To cancel out like terms you add or subtract like terms depending if they are negative or positive.


Something I have learned this week in math

This week I have learned how to find an angle in a triangle using 2 sides. First you must label the triangle and figure out wether to use tan, cos, or sin. For this question you use cos, you also have two sides    (19 an 10) to find angle B I used the formula cos(b)10/19 you then change it to cos^-1(10/19) which equals 58 so angle B is 58 degrees. image

Latex coding

example 1: exponents


Example 2: two digit exponents


example 3: fractions


Example 4: change size


Example 5: adding trig functions

\tan\theta=\frac{9}{12} \sin30^\circ=\frac{x}{2} x=cos^{-1}(\frac{3/4})

exampl 5: changing color

\frac{3}{4} \frac{3}{4}