Float Your Boat (Experiment)

Float Your Boat! – Scientific Method Project
Name: Sean Hruswicki                                                                         BLK: D

CHALLENGE: Make a boat that can float in water and hold the most amount of pennies.

PROBLEM: how do we make a boat that can hold a large amount of pennies out of just two straws, a piece of tinfoil and a marshmallow?

HYPOTHESIS: Our boat design is highly superior compared to the other boats that people have made and our boat will hold the most pennies.

IDEA FOR ORIGINAL DESIGN: we put marsh mellows at the bottom of the boat to be used as flotation devices, and we crossed the straws to support the bottom of the boat to float and to hold he center of the boat up where we will start to stack the pennies if he can cover the entire surface of the boat. We used high walls because the pennies could be under the water but the water gets kept out.

HOW MANY PENNIES DID YOUR BOAT HOLD? Our boat held 130 pennies or $1.30 CAD

WHAT WOULD YOU KEEP OR CHANGE ON YOUR BOAT DESIGN IF YOU WERE TO DO THIS AGAIN? We would definitely choose the same design because our boat held the most pennies (130) out of the whole class.

CONCLUSION: the best way to make a tinfoil boat is to cut a marshmallow into 4 equal pieced and stick them on each bottom corner, have 2 straws form an X under the boat and fold some high walls to keep the water out even when the pennies are under water.