October Foods Lab Reflection

Sean Hruswicki

2nd October 2017

Foods 12

Mr. Brett


I chose to reflect on our buttermilk biscuits lab because although simple, they were the second most enjoyable thing we made this October. The process of making these was no challenge but they still tasted like it took a couple of hours to make. I enjoyed this lab because it was very straight forward and or simple, it was just satisfying to overall. The final product turned out better than i had hoped, I honestly wasn’t expecting much because of the simplicity but they were very delicious. My partner for this lab worked relatively well, there was a little but of a language barrier but we were fine. I in fact already recreated this recipe at home and they turned out just as fluffy, golden brown and flavorful.


I chose to reflect on the chocolate almond Biscotti because in my opinion they were the most delightful food we have made all month. some may disagree and say the waffles were the best but im not much of a waffle guy. I enjoyed this lab very much, like the buttermilk biscuits it didn’t take a rocket scientist to make the ideal Biscottis. My group worked very well during this lab, we just put in all the required work as a team and executed all of our tasks with no problems. I would maybe make this lab again during the winter to go with a nice cup of hot chocolate, i don’t know for sure but I think you can keep them in a container in your cupboard for an alright amount of time which is a major plus for me.