“Two Fishermen” Character Sketch

Sean Hruswicki
English 11
18 September 2017
Mr. Barazzuol


The character of Smitty from the short story “Two Fishermen” by Morley Callaghan, is a

middle aged, straight, white male, who is the “hangman” or executioner for a living. Smitty is

likely educated because he is employed. His profession is executioner or hang man. I infer that

Smitty is slightly wealthy because his job Includes lots of traveling, and killing people which

both or one thing most people don’t Like to do; undesired jobs usually pay a lot. Smitty has a

wife and five children. A lot of people in the towns that he travels to to execute people hate him

because of his work. The reader is not sure exactly where Smitty lives but we know he is

constantly traveling from prison to prison fulfilling the duty of the executioner. The only

friendship we know that Smitty has (or thinks he has) is with Micheal Foster, a small town

Reporter. The truth was that Micheal was only using Smitty for a story for the towns

paper,Which would make him look good and bring him closer to his ultimate goal, becoming a

Big city reporter. Smitty is definitely an interesting character if you analyze him closely.