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Individual Multiculturalism

How do people maintain their culture post immigration?

“Marking our 150 A Parade: In celebration of our Canadian Mosaic, we will be hosting a Parade of Nations on Canada day. Involving 2,000 individual participants from over 40 youth groups, the parade will showcase diverse cultures and ethnic groups.”

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This is a Parade Of Nations. It displays all cultures and races of Canada. This demonstrates how proud Canada is to be multicultural. 150 years is a huge celebration and by including all cultures and ethnic groups it shows how important it is to Canada’s identity. It encourages people to keep practicing and showing their culture. Also, it tells the rest of the world how accepting we are and that we encourage immigrants to practice their own religion and be themselves.

In what ways might they be discouraged from doing so?

“According to a new survey¬†conducted in B.C., 82 per cent of visible minorities say they have experienced prejudice or some form of discrimination, while 56 per cent of all respondents reported having¬†overheard racist comments.”

If 82% of B.C. has received a racism comment or action it would defiantly make them a little more self-cautious about their ethnicity or culture. They may not want to be so open or proud of their background in Canada. It also makes Canada seem as a less accepting place which would not make people want to immigrate or visit if they thought Canadians hated on a religion or race.

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I think Canada as a whole is a very multicultural country. There have been events in the past that would disagree with this but I think Canada has evolved. There will always be a percentage of people that are not as accepting but there is a much bigger percentage of people that embrace individuality