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Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is a trail of everything you have done on the internet, good and bad. Having a digital footprint can be beneficial but can also be a disadvantage. The downside of having one is if you commented on a photo and you said something mean people can still trace it back. Even if you were young and you weren’t thinking you can’t delete it. You can delete it from being seen on that post but it is still out there for the public to see. When you are interviewing for a job the employers will search you up and they can see all of things you have said on the internet. If they saw something they don’t like and they don’t want their company to represented by you could be eliminated from a possible job.
Keeping a clean digital footprint is necessary to have a bright future. One way you can create a respectable trail is by not commenting on photos that you don’t need to. You might have an inside joke with that friend ad they won’t care about what you say but others may find it offensive. Another way is to think about what you are googling because what you type into you search engine is also recorded. If you wouldn’t want others to know what you are searching it probably isn’t the greatest. The last way is to think before you post. Say to yourself “Would I want a close family member (parents, grandparents etc.) to see this?” If the answer is no don’t hit post.
By letting others know how your digital footprint can affect your future I think it would make people think twice when they are about to post or comment on something.