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WW1 Textbook Questions Pg. 30 #2, 3, 4

2. List the causes and contributing factors that resulted in the outbreak of war and then select the three you think are the most important.
-Alliances with the strongest European countries
-Gun power
-Intimidation and threatening
-Using war to settle conflict

I think three most important factors were the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the alliances and the use of war to settle conflict.

3. Imagine you are the prime minister of Canada. Compose a letter to the prime minister of Britain explaining why you do, or do not, support an alliance between Britain, Russia and France.

I, the prime minister of Canada, supports the Triple Entente between Britain, Russia and France. I think it is great that Britain is supporting their fellow countries and also receiving support. Canada will be here if you need financial or numbers support. I believe with all the resources available to these three strong countries we will be a very powerful force against the Triple Alliance.

4. Write a well-reasoned argument for the following proposition: “The First World War was unnecessary and could have been prevented.”

-The First World War could have been prevented if Franz Ferdinand had not been shot. If security was tighter there would have been a lesser chance of Franz Ferdinand getting shot. If he had not been shot I think the tension between the countries would not have been as strong. Conflict could have built up but not to the point of declaring war.

Canada’s Role in International Conflict

I currently don’t know much about Canada’s conflict internationally. I know we have been in some big wars but we haven’t done anything huge that I have learned about. I believe we have joined some wars in support of the US. We are currently fighting in the Afghanistan war but I don’t think we have made a huge impact. I think I have not learned much about this topic because Canada hasn’t made big changes in history or currently. If Canada had made a big heroic change or negative I’m sure I would have learned about it. Because teachers want youth to learn how Canada has helped other or how we can learn from our mistakes.

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