September 18th 2017 archive

Canadian Identities

I picked this photo because it shows how naturally beautiful Canada’s nature is. This reflects my perspective of Canada being a very clean ad healthy place to live. It is a very common picture of Canada because it has huge mountains with snow surrounded by pine trees. I think when some people think of Canada they automatically think of the forest and nature as supposed to an industrial and modern environment.

In 1998 Canada’s pollution spiked higher than every before. If you asked someone living in that year how clean Canada is they probably would disagree because they had experienced how clean Canada was before. However, if you asked someone in a country that pollutes more than us like China, they would agree that Canada is very clean because their country is a lot more polluted than ours. says Canada has accepted 40,000 Syrian refugees between the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2017.

I chose these numbers because it demonstrates how many refugees Canada has taken in during a short period of time. It shows how willing and determined Canada is to helping other parts of the world. I think this act represents how accepting Canada is of other cultures. A big part of being Canadian that is identified is being accepting and including everyone around us.

If we were to ask First Nations they probably would not agree that Canada is completely accepting of everybody because of their past history in Canada. The Europeans tried to take away their culture and try to transition them into Europeans. They forced their children into residential school which is where the Europeans hoped to change the minds of the young Aboriginals.