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Human Rights Textbook Questions

Chapter 10 Pg. 326 #1, 3, 4, 5

1. In your own words, define the term human rights.
-A right that is believed everybody should have.

3. What is the significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Why did the members of the United
Nations feel it was necessary to prepare the Declaration?
-It was the first international statement recognizing all human beings deserve certain rights and freedoms. They believe all countries should respect it’s citizens no matter their gender, race, age etc. This document is linked with peace and this document was adopted after the World Wars so the UN was doing their part on keeping world peace.

4. What are the problems of enforcing the Declaration?
-It puts economic, social and cultural pressure on countries.

5. What is the purpose of the ICC? Name a case that has been heard by the court.
-To deal with international human rights abusers. The ICC has the power to investigate and prosecute individuals and political leaders who commit war crimes, genocide or crimes against humanity.

-Al Mahdi was sentenced to 9 years for being a perpetrator of a war crime intentionally directing attacks against historic monuments and buildings dedicated to religion.

Holocaust Reflection

1. How did the Holocaust happen?

-There were many laws and events that took place leading up to the Holocaust. All of these were meant to exclude and degrade Jewish and people with disabilities. The government believed Aryans, Germans, were the superior race and all others were inferior. The Holocaust was meant to eliminate the last question of Jews meaning to get rid of the race. Many were killed in concentration camps or put to work in terrible conditions.

2. How did an individual’s geographic location, group or WW2 events impact one’s experience?

-The people that were mainly impacted were the Jewish but it did not matter what country you were from. If Germany invaded a country, the Jewish living there were taken to concentration camps. As Germany took control of more countries more Jews were taken and discriminated against. During WW2, Germany first went after countries they had lost after WW1. He wanted to unite Germany again but after he gained what Hitler believed was rightfully theirs they went after other more powerful countries; like France and the Soviet Union.

Ideology Discussion Reflection

1. Share some details about what you learned about your ideology.
-I learned that there are many countries in the world I did not know are socialist. I found it interesting how different countries are on different sides of socialism. Like China and Finland which run very differently but believe and use the same ideology. I also found that like the Netherlands, Canada has a few areas where we use the socialist ideology but it is not our main ideology.

2. Discuss some of the ideas your group came up with.
-Each group member chose one topic and came up with a solution towards the problem related to the topic. The topic I chose was a big corporation in your country. These are the ideas and approach I came up with for our ideology:

-Would be opposed to letting a private company work.
-If we were to let them run, the government would make sure the citizens have control and don’t feel they are over-powered by the company.
-Monthly surveys would be held to understand how the employees feel. If they felt out of control, changes would be implemented.
-We would also have government authority working in the company to make sure they are following protocol.
-Would ask how the community feels about a private company on their land and making profit off of it.

3. What did you find interesting about the activity?
-I thought it was interesting how we had a group conversation like we were actually going to decide as a group which approach we liked the best. I also thought it was interesting to see how similar or different the ideologies are.

4. What did you find challenging about this?
-I did not personally experience this but I think it would be hard to propose an idea you do not agree with. For me, I cannot convince people if I do not fully believe in what I am saying. I could tell today there were some people that did not agree with the ideology they were given and because they weren’t confident their ideas didn’t engage me.

Battle of Somme Infographic

This infographic is about the Battle of Somme. The Battle of Somme is remembered by many Canadians because the Canadian troops were recognized as one of the strongest and bravest troops. This was important because were defiantly one of the smallest groups fighting in the war.

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