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Final Inventor

These were my first ideas when I was tring to figure out what to draw and print.

I came up with three final inventor sketches I wanted to print.

My first one is a plant lock. This helps plants grow in the first stages. It keeps the seeds in the middle of the pot so it receives maximum nutrients from the soil and the sun.

My next idea was to do a camera. I didn’t base my sketch off of a specific model. I wanted to make a generic simple camera, so I came up with my own model.

My final idea was to 3D print a flower because I thought it would be cool to see what a piece of nature printed would look like.

I have not gotten the chance to print any of these out yet.

Inventor Projects


Labs- These two are my favourite labs I did. The first lab is example is a guide block and the second lab is a blow dryer shell.


Sketches- Before we started making our own inventor parts we had to come up with some ideas we might want to make.


These are some of my ideas of small objects I could print. The first one is a camera and the second one it supposed to be a bow but I have not finished the bottom part.


This is a sketch of a plant ‘lock’ which is an idea I came up with. It is to help keep seeds in the middle of a pot during the growing stages. This way the seeds receive maximum nutrition and sunlight.