Edible DNA model

Today in science 9, my partner Alyson and I created an edible DNA model. What we did was used we remebered that A<—>T and G<—->C

Here are the steps used to creat the model:

– We had to figure out the corrisponding bases

– We had to find out how many we needed of each colour marshmallow

– We collected our materials

– Finally we assembled our structure

We found this activity fairly easy. All it needed was a little bit of planning

Here are some pics from the project:






2 thoughts on “Edible DNA model

  1. Hi Raiyah,
    Great project! I’m an image specialist with LovetoKnow.com and we’re wondering if we can use one of your marshmallow dna images in an article on DNA science projects. Please email me at lindy@lovetoknow.com

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