Float your boat

Today in science 10 we tested  how many pennies can we add to the boats before they sink?

our boat held 93

hypothisis: by tapping our straws, it will help hold the air above the water instead of water getting into the straws and weighing it down.

In my group, our boat managed to hold up 93 pennies which was the most in the class

reason why: it was because of the way we tapped our straws on the side, and because of the way we balances our pennies with in the boat. By doing so, nothing made it tip over. The only thing it could do was sink.

Next time if we were given the same matierials, I would try to shape the boat better so we didn’t have to work so hard to balance our pennies.

In the end, my hypothesis was correct. The way we tapped the straws did help our boat stay a float.