Space interview

Today in science 9, my class mates and i had an interview with someone who works on mars projects full time to answer some of our questions. We connected through video chat, and i really loved this method because it was like having a real conversation, even though she was in another part of Canada! We asked her many well thought out questions, the they were all generally answered successfully. An example of some of the questions we asked are:

– How did you become interested in this field of work?

– What planets other than Mars are capable of sustaining life?

– Can Mars rovers be brought back to Earth?

– How much does a Mar rover cost?

– What do you do specifically?

All of us understood what was going on and the questions were answered quite  thoroughly. I learned that video chat is a great method to contact someone, and I look forward to using it in the future. I learned quite a few new facts about space, and about some of the cool programs we have here in Canada.

image image image

I am not sure why the pictures turned out sideways, but i am sure you get the just of it.